At Q Skincare Lounge, we offer exclusive top-quality skin care solutions, tailored just for you.

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What does your face say about you? After pampering it with a customized facial treatment at Q Skincare Lounge, it’ll tell the world you’re confident, captivating, and ready to take on anything. Let us help you put your best face forward.

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Skin Consultation

We combine the latest scientific knowledge with homeopathic treatments, creating a unique regimen for each client. A skin care consultation with one of our expert aestheticians ensures you’ll get just what you need to look and feel your very best.

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Anti-Aging Therapy

People have been seeking the Fountain of Youth for centuries. We don’t claim to have found it, but we can help turn back the hands of time on your skin. Side effects of these treatments include getting carded again, and a renewed feeling of sassiness.

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Additional Services

Already have flawless skin but want a little something to finish off your perfect look? We’ll help you sculpt the perfect brow, remove any pesky unwanted hair, and give you a killer makeup look. Think of this as the icing on your beauty cake.

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Chicago’s skin care oasis

Q Skincare Lounge is a results-oriented oasis of beauty, offering the finest in organic pharmaceutical grade products. Conveniently located in the heart of Streeterville, Chicago, as soon as you arrive, you’ll know you’ve stepped into a realm of pure relaxation—founded and operated by the effervescent Marquesha Elrod, Chicago’s renowned skincare goddess. You’ll join a long list of thrilled clientele, including the who’s who in Chicago’s high society.

We use an exclusive range of premium products

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